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[12 Sep 2011 | 2 Comments | 1,439 views]

A pack of six teams stands right in the middle of the wild card race, fighting for the last three playoff spots (two of which are wild card spots).  Separated by a mere five points, Philadelphia heads the pack at 36, and Chivas’ 31 has them hanging on at the bottom.  Portland is in the middle with 33 points and arguably the easiest remaining schedule.

Points Per Game

  1. DC    1.36
  2. Philadelphia    1.33
  3. Houston    1.25
  4. New York    1.22
  5. Portland    1.22
  6. Chivas    1.11

Who has the easiest schedule?

Average PPG of Remaing Opponents  (lower = easier schedule)

  1. Portland    1.20
  2. DC    1.31
  3. Philadelphia    1.32
  4. Chivas    1.38
  5. Houston    1.40
  6. New York    1.46

Who’s hot?

PPG in Last 5

  1. DC    1.60
  2. Portland    1.40
  3. Houston    1.40
  4. New York    0.80
  5. Philadelphia    0.60
  6. Chivas    0.40


Remaining Games – Detailed

Detailed remaining matches for each team.  Matches against other “Wild Card Pack” teams are italicized.

H = … Read the rest

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[20 Aug 2010 | 2 Comments | 2,863 views]

Below we list the salaries and statistics of the 14 MLS designated players.   In the case of newly acquired players, we listed their stats with their new team, and we looked to see if they had any noticeable effect on attendance.

The players are listed in order of salary.

David Beckham, LA

$6.5 million
0 games

Thierry Henry, New York
$5.6 million
4 games, 0 goals, 3 assists
Attendance effect: Attendance up 35% in two home games, Red Bulls had their first sellout August 14th

Rafa Marquez, New York
$5.5 million
2 games, 0 goals 0 assists
Attendance effect: Red Bulls had their first sellout August 14th in his home debut

Landon Donovan, LA
$2.1 millon
14 games, 5 goals, 11 assists

Juan Pablo Angel, New York
$1.9 million
20 games, 11 goals, 2 assists

Nery Castillo, Chicago
$1.8 million
2 games, 0 goals, 0 assists
Attendance effect: Attendance up … Read the rest

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[17 Aug 2010 | 3 Comments | 8,497 views]

Dropping Timber took a look at the numbers in how the MLS ranks in popularity going up against the big four in the US: NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL

Average attendance: 67.5k (1st)
#1 Team: 89,756 average (1st)
Total attendance:  17.1 million (4th)
Total attendance per team:  535k (4th)

Average attendance: 30.3k (2nd)
#1 Team: 46,400 average (2nd)
Total attendance: 73.4 million (1st)
Total attendance per team:  2.44 million (1st)

Average attendance: 17.1k (3rd)
#1 Team: 20,725 (5th)
Total attendance: 21.1 million (3rd)
Total attendance per team: 703k (3rd)

Average attendance: 17.1k (4th)
#1 Team: 21,356 (4th)
Total attendance: 20.9 million (4th)
Total attendance per team: 696k  (4th)

Average attendance: 16.0k (5th)
The MLS average attendance rivals the NBA and NHL, and the numbers may get even closer with Vancouver and Portland coming into the fold, each with the possibility of selling out 20k … Read the rest

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[6 Aug 2010 | 2 Comments | 971 views]

Dropping Timber analyzed the performance of MLS teams in the CONCACAF Champions League, since it switched to the new format.  This includes the last two years, plus a few preliminary matches from this year.  We will update this data as the champions league progresses.

  • We counted wins, losses and ties in preliminary matches, group stage and the championship round. 
  • Matches decided by PKs counted as tie
  • Only six matches for 2010-11 champions league so far

 Here are the results:

Leagues the MLS outperformed
MLS vs. El Salvador League 1 (W-L-T)

MLS vs. Panama League 1 (W-L-T)

MLS vs. Honduras League 1 (W-L-T)

Even performance
MLS vs. US Division 2 (W-L-T)

MLS vs. Honduras League 1 (W-L-T)

Leagues that outclassed the MLS
MLS vs. Trindad & Tobago League 1 (W-L-T)

MLS vs. Mexico League 1 (W-L-T)

MLS vs. Costa Rica League 1 (W-L-T)
0-2-0… Read the rest

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[6 Aug 2010 | 10 Comments | 3,855 views]

Dropping Timber ran the numbers on how big payrolls are panning out in the 2010 season.  Sure the Galaxy have the biggest payroll at $11 million dollars and are the top team in the league right now, but that is over four times what Real Salt Lake and Columbus are paying for slightly less points.  The efficiency ranking shows that the teams paying designated players big money are all near the bottom in results per dollar.

This is something the Timbers management may want to consider, since the Portland fan base probably won’t need a splashy name like Ljungberg, Beckham or Henry in order to draw crowds.