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Unoriginal Tampa

28 September 2011 1,445 views 11 Comments

Our friends at Football in Miami and Beyond pointed out a recent tifo by Tampa Bay supporters. Looks a little familiar.

Thanks to the excellent Football in Miami and Beyond blog for pointing this out.

Posted by paulsepp


  • TampaRowdy said:

    If you count Strikers supporters as your friends, then there is no hope for you.

    We have one of the most recognizable bridges in the U.S.A., so because you guys used a generic bridge in a tifo that means we are excluded from ever using ours, which is a major symbol of our twin cities? lol

    I guess you have a monopoly on using city skyscrapers in tifo as well? Should we have not represented the waters of Tampa Bay, either?

    Not apologizing for our tifo. We had the idea for it in the preseason, before you guys unveiled your own epic tifo (props, of course), and we are proud of it.

    Sucks you’d decide to play along with the scum from Ft. Lauderdale and take shots at a group of D2 supporters who at least are trying. ;)

  • od said:

    pretty sure there is nothing recognizable in the city of tampa

  • Trainwreck said:

    Its not that you copied PART of the tifo, Its that you copied 999% of the tifo… Be lucky that it isnt copyrighted material or you’d all be screwed. OR IS IT? MWAHAHAHA but seriously…

  • Trainwreck said:


  • River said:

    Why not just make a TIFO of sludge and Stink rolled into a cigar?
    or perhpas in a form of a suppository with an old person sticking it to themselves where the sun dosen’t shine.

    That represents Tampa pretty well I think and there would be no readon to steal others work.

  • sallgood said:

    It’s kinda cute that they want to be a teeny-tiny TA wanna-be.

  • Jim said:

    Also, the bridge was supposed to be in the middle, to represent the connection of St. Pete and Tampa over Tampa Bay. But they put to wrong words on the respective banners…Fail.
    But, hey they are trying. They had to do something to keep paoe with the Strikers tifos.

  • CharonPDX said:

    Hey, TampaRowdy, Portland has long been known as “Bridge City”, and the bridges on that Tifo aren’t “generic bridges”. The one on the left is the Hawthorne Bridge (visible immediately out my office window,) and the one on the right is the Fremont Bridge (one of the major Interstate-highway-carrying bridges.)

    You’ll also notice that the article here does not comment positively or negatively on your Tifo. I, for one, consider it to be a positive. You guys liked our display, by a very large supporters group in a Division 1 town – so you made a smaller Tifo inspired by it for your small supporters group in a Division 2 town.

    But, now, reading your comment, TampaRowdy, I’m taking it as classless copying…

  • Kejsare said:

    I too was surprised to see the first comment full on assumptions not observed in the article. I feel like the two are similar, which is good! I think the effort is great! Magnitudes of difference but Tampa FC has got to start somewhere. Admirable effort.

    More bridges in the City of Portland than any other major city in the US. Says a lot about our bridges, no? I was taught the names of all the bridges as an elementary student. They’re building one more.

    We’re not some team from the North who is quick to dismiss the workings of other supporters. We have developed in one year great relations with nearly all other supporters in MLS.

    The claim of unoriginal TIFO did not start here, btw.

  • dan said:


    I love Portland. And I like its bridges a lot. But I’m not too sure about the more bridges in portland than any other major us city. There have to be a few qualifiers in there… not bringing this up to argue more…. just curious what those qualifiers might be…

  • Kejsare said:

    Maybe I should qualify my statement: bridges over the same river.

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