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Place your Bets: Timbers vs Red Bulls

23 September 2011 1,252 views 15 Comments

Will Cooper make it three matches in a row?

The Lines
Cooper 5:1
Jewsbury 4:1
Perlaza 7:1
Nagbe 7:1
Chara 6:1
Dike 11:1
Zizzo 11:1
Alhassan 18:1
Defense 8:1
Field 13:1

Side Bets
Nagbe picks up an another assist, pays 3:1
Perkins shutout, pays 4:1
Cooper brace, pays 50:1
Timbers remain in wildcard spot on Monday 3:1
First person to make the connection between the picture of the bill below and the Red Bulls gets $10


The Rules
-Everyone gets $20 in monopoly money each week to bet with. Anyone can jump in at any time.
-If you are carrying a balance, you get your balance plus $20.
-Leave your bets in the comments.

@themikedonovan $155
Kejsare $80
Alex $75
Clifford $60
Jeff $60
Yax $59
Ken $55
AugustePDX $45
Aric $30
jmparker94 $30
SeanWeiss $30
Woody $30
Hrimville $25
CharonPDX $15
Tim $15
Andrew Wheeler $5

Good luck.

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Posted by paulsepp


  • Greener said:

    Well, can’t win them all. Time to start fresh:

    Cooper brace: $18.00
    Alhassan: $ 2.00

  • Matt Hoffman said:

    Cool idea. I’m game:

    Defense scores goal: $10
    Timbers still in wildcard discussion:$10

  • Kejsare said:

    Red Bull GmbH is Austrian. The bill is Austrian. Red Bull GmbH owns the New York Red Bulls coincidentally. $10.

    $2 on Alhassan
    $3 on Chara
    $3 on Cooper
    $2 on Nagbe
    $5 on defense
    $10 on wildcard contention
    $5 on Cooper Brace

  • paulsepp (author) said:

    Kejsare you win the extra ten. Feel free to play it today.

    $10 on Nagbe
    $10 on Alhassan

  • Alex said:

    Ok so I’ll go with:
    $9 on Chara
    $8 on Cooper
    $5 on Jewsbury
    $5 on Nagbe
    $7 on Perlaza
    $5 on the defense
    $5 on Alhassan

    And a couple of side bets.

    $5 on Nagbe getting another assist
    $8 on the Wildcard

  • Holly said:

    10 on Dike
    5 on defense
    5 on wildcard

  • Margaret said:

    $10 Chara
    $5 Nagbe
    $5 Cooper Brace

  • Dan said:

    20 on nagbe, my wife’s pick

  • CharonPDX said:

    I start with $35, yay!

    $3 on Al Hassan
    $3 on Defense
    $4 on Field
    $1 on each of the rest (7 others.)

    $10 on remain in wildcard
    $5 on shutout
    $2 on Cooper brace
    $1 on Nagbe assist

  • jeff said:

    $10 on Cooper
    $10 on Nagbe
    $10 on Field
    $5 on Cooper brace
    $5 on Nagbe assist
    $5 on Perkins getting a clean slate
    $10 on Timbers on Monday

  • matt g said:

    Hmm SV Salzburg (now FC Redbull Salzburg) is indeed Austrian as is the bank note but the connection is closer than “Redbull”. Hans Backe has coached both teams!

  • matt g said:

    Might as well get in on the action.

    Cooper brace $2
    Jewsbury $10
    Dike $2
    Alhassan $3
    Perlaza $3

  • Kejsare said:

    Aww, Matt, but the building on the note is the Akademie der Wissenschaften which is in Vienna.

  • Holly said:

    Humbug! I wish you’d given odds on the reserves game :)

  • Dan said:

    No bets paid out.

    @themikedonovan $155
    Kejsare $80
    Clifford $60
    Yax $59
    Ken $55
    AugustePDX $45
    Alex $38
    Aric $30
    jmparker94 $30
    Woody $30
    jeff $25
    SeanWeiss $20
    Hrimville $25
    Tim $15
    Andrew Wheeler $5
    CharonPDX $6

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