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[31 Jan 2011 | Comments Off | 2,861 views]
Jorge Perlaza is the Mystery Forward

It’s finally here, the announcement we’ve all been waiting for. And… the deal is still up in the air. Apparently the mystery forward is Jorge Perlaza, who will be joining the Timbers in Ventura, but it’s still not a done deal. If you just want to get excited, scroll down and watch the highlight videos. Turn your sound up if you are under the age of 30, down otherwise.

From Soccer by Ives:

According to sources within MLS, Portland is set to bring Colombian striker Jorge Perlaza on trial and the Timbers are on the verge of signing the 25-year-old Colombian.

Perlaza had been linked to the Philadelphia Union earlier in the winter, but it is Portland where he is headed.

Full story

According to Geoffrey C Arnold, the deal is far from done:

However, the deal is far from done. Sources told me that the Timbers aren’t the only

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[31 Jan 2011 | Comments Off | 1,577 views]

MLS will have a major announcement tomorrow morning at 7am PST. Landon Donovan and Thierry Henry will discuss the deal on a conference call with Don Garber at 12:30pm PST. Read the full story

For all the Timbers Armchair GMs out there, MLS released a very useful set of information on 1/28, the 2011 MLS Roster Rules.

Here are some highlights:

  • Players occupying roster spots 1-20 count against the club’s 2011 salary budget of $2,675,000, and are referred to collectively as the club’s Salary Budget Players.
  • PLAYER TRANSFERRED OUTSIDE MLS: If a team receives allocation money as a result of a player’s transfer, the team does not retain a right of first refusal.

  • Players occupying roster spots 21-30 do not count against the club’s salary budget, and are referred to collectively as the club’s Off-Budget Players (maximum of 10 per team).
  • In 2011, a total of 144 international slots

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[31 Jan 2011 | Comments Off | 2,878 views]
Updated: Training Begins in Ventura w/ Gleeson, Roro, Barengrub, Flores

This week and on into the next the Timbers will be training in Ventura, CA.  We can confirm that a few players have been added to the Timbers training camp:

  • UPDATE 3: Flores is now confirmed.  Also you can add Ryan Guy (assuming this is him) to the list.
  • UPDATE 2: A few more more players have joined the Timbers in Ventura:
    • Chris Taylor (2nd round SuperDraft pick)
    • Spencer Thompson, Raymundo Reza, Robby Lynch (Supplemental picks, Taylor Mueller will join Feb. 14)
    • Ian Sarachan
    • Brian Umony
  • UPDATE 1: Another international, Andres Flores is also on trial with the Timbers.  He is a 20 year old forward native to El Salvador. Update on this update: The Timbers press release did not mention Flores so this one is still unconfirmed.
  • Jake Gleeson- the Timbers U-23s goalkeeper who reportedly already has a contract with the team.  In case you
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[29 Jan 2011 | Comments Off | 1,702 views]
Timbers Training Video and a few more pictures….

We put together a 5 minutes video, documenting the last day of Timbers training at Adidas, let us know what you think and if you’d like us to do more videos in the future…Hope it helps pump you up for the season, it really amped me up just editing the video last night. Cant’ wait for the season to start, Go Timbers!

Click below for more training day photos….

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[29 Jan 2011 | Comments Off | 1,853 views]

In case you haven’t heard, it’s official, the Portland Timbers and the Vancouver Whitecaps will be in the Western Conference, and the Houston Dynamo will move over to the Eastern Conference to accommodate the new franchises and keep things balanced. Click for the full story on MLS.com.

League officials on Friday announced the highly awaited plans for conference realignment with the inclusion of expansion sides Portland and Vancouver, and the Houston Dynamo will make the shift from the Western Conference to the Eastern Conference.

Both conferences will carry nine teams for the 2011 season, and teams will play each other twice as part of the league’s new balanced 34-game schedule.

Scheduling and the structure of the MLS has long been an issue for many fans.  There are some who feel going with a single-table is only true way to determine a champion and there are those who argue that the … Read the rest

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[29 Jan 2011 | Comments Off | 1,633 views]

It’s official! Welcome back Steve Purdy and Adin Brown!

Timbers Insider, with a new slick design, reports on the signings:

- Timbers sign Adin BrownTimbers sign Steve Purdy

Here’s the word from the official Timbers site

The Portland Timbers today announced the signing of goalkeeper Adin Brown and defender Steve Purdy. Both were members of the Timbers’ second-division club in 2010. Timbers general manager/technical director Gavin Wilkinson made the announcement.

Purdy, 25, was a versatile member of the Timbers defense in 2010, playing in various positions across the backline and helping the club rank among second-division leaders in fewest goals allowed and shutouts last season. He played in 24 games during the regular season, logging 1,536 minutes.

And the announcement of a new training facility for the team. Sounds like it’s going to be a top-notch practice complex, which is a valuable asset when recruiting players … Read the rest

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[29 Jan 2011 | Comments Off | 1,339 views]

Geoffrey C. Arnold from the Oregonian continues his solid coverage of the Timbers with a story on midfielder James Marcelin and the struggle that his homeland of Haiti has endured. It’s a sad story, but an issue that still needs more coverage. Despite Haiti falling out of the nightly news cycle, the chaotic problems plaguing the country still exist. When the team gets back from Ventura, I’ll be meeting with Marcelin to write up another story, hopefully adding something to the discussion…

The lingering effects of the earthquake that devastated the country a little more than a year ago continues. Hundreds of thousands of people are still living in tents amid squalid conditions, cholera outbreaks remain a threat to the general population and political unrest has heightened with the return this month of the former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier.

“I try to get away from it, so I don’t have

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[28 Jan 2011 | Comments Off | 2,373 views]
Timbers Training – Day 5 UPDATED

The last day of training for the Timbers here in Portland for the week before they head out to Ventura, California to officially kick off preseason camp. The Timbers will work out at Ventura College before playing exhibitions against the Ventura County Fusion on Feb. 4th and the LA Galaxy on Feb. 8th.

Today, Head Coach John Spencer kept the ball work to a minimum and mostly had the players running various conditioning drills. A small group of season-ticket holders were selected to check out the team’s training session this morning and were seated under tents just off the sideline. Although, the fans didn’t get to see a lot of soccer action, the morning provided plenty nice photo ops and an up-close-and-personal look at the team….

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[28 Jan 2011 | Comments Off | 5,430 views]

Shed Culture with Hermes premiered yesterday afternoon on Cascadia.fm and did an excellent interview with The Legend Timber Jim.  The weekly show will focus on the culture surrounding your favorite club and air Thursdays at 4:00pm sharp.  “Other shows face the pitch, we face the stands.”

Listen or download the first episode right now.… Read the rest

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[26 Jan 2011 | Comments Off | 1,473 views]

If you haven’t heard, Talk Timbers with John Strong will be extended to 2 hours from 6-8pm, Wednesday night’s on 95.5 The Game FM.  Make sure and check out the show tonight, Strong’s got some nice stuff lined up.

Also, here’s a link to Strong’s blog on 95.5 the Game, he’s posted a bunch of interviews from the 1st day of training – John Spencer, Ryan Pore, Darlington Nagbe, Eric Brunner, Troy Perkins, and Jeremy Hall.