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War against the Timbers Army?

28 May 2009 1,247 views 8 Comments

On Canzano’s Oregonlive page last week, the bald-one posted a letter sent to the Oregonian from a local soccer fan who is greatly concerned by the boisterous behavior and general unruly conduct of Portland’s cheering section behind the goal, dubbed the Timbers Army. Laurie (last name redacted) seems to think all the commotion the Timbers Army creates will drive away families and fans, ultimately leading to the failure of the Portland Timbers in the MLS. Read it from her:

“MLS and fans will NOT fill your new stadium with a cheering section behind the net dropping F-BOMBS in their chants all night long. You have some of the foulest fans in all of sports. This is not England and you should not tolerate Portland Timbers Hooligans. On three occasions I had to move my boys further away from your “fans”. The fact is most of these “fans” has never played the game, coached or refereed in their lives. These “fans” are just a bunch of angry white guys tanked up on liquor. Truthfully it was really pathetic. Do they really believe that chanting obscenities from 75 meters away impacts what happens on the pitch? Fat guys leading cheers laced with foul language is rather silly isn’t it?”

My favorite part is when she calls all soccer fans in England a bunch of hooligans. I also found it humorous that her article degenerates into personal attacks and insults. If she’s calling names and making irresponsible generalizations isn’t she basically lowering herself to their level? I mean the Timber’s army is made up of only white angry drunks? Don’t be a bigot and leave out other races….what about angry Asians? (although i’ve never sat in section 107)

However, I tend to agree with owner Meritt Paulson, who actually responded to the letter on Canzano’s blog, in saying that the Timbers Army shows the type of unbridled passion and unguarded enthusiasm that makes soccer so special. Maybe a bit more guarding of enthusiasm isn’t the worst idea (some regulation of f-bombs probably necessary and designating family-friendly sections), but if they were to disband the Timbers Army I think you’d kill that unique energy and atmosphere that a soccer game can offer. I can understand this soccer mom’s concerns, but more than likely her three boys probably know all the words chanted that afternoon anyway. Are a few naughty words enough to deprive your child from an exciting experience? Bottomline, you can’t raise your kids in a glass jar, the real world doesn’t always come with a rating system or some form of censorship – don’t attend the games or deal with it. Either way, I think the Timbers will be fine and that’s my two cents.

Read the article at Oregonlive: (http://www.oregonlive.com/sports/oregonian/john_canzano/index.ssf/2009/05/open_letter_to_the_timbers_arm.html)

Bad fans?

Posted by Kevin


  • Dan said:

    I question the veracity of the letter. I’ve sat a section away from the army and I couldn’t make out the f-word in any chants.

    Anyone listen to Canzano’s show on 95.5 today (Canzano wasn’t there)? John Strong was dispelling lots of myths that the anti-stadium people keep bringing up, and he had Randy Leonard on the show to talk about PGE Park’s future and Lents Park as well.

  • Kevin said:

    Dwight Jaynes is the man.

  • paulsepp said:

    Have yu ever sat in the cheap seats at the Rose Garden and heard the drunk guy yelling f this f that at every call? Same thing.

  • Dan said:

    Dwight Jaynes is awesome, and I agree with lots of his articles, but he hates soccer. He likes to bring out his “soccer will always be the sport of the future” joke as often as he can.

    Did you know Dwight has a blog now? He updates it all the time- dwightjaynes.com

  • Brian said:

    I thought it was funny that she used 75 Meters and said this wasn’t England. I think the Timbers Army is closer than 32.8 yards away.

  • Brian said:

    I would stay from using Randy Leonard as a credible source.

  • Anonymous said:

    After what a saw, heard and experienced going through the Sounder supporter section on Wednesday, I'd say the Timber Army deserves medals for restraint and goodwill! I really like the guy who poked my wife in the chest and screamed "I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire!" Real classy Seattle.

  • TerryDBennett said:

    In the Portland Boys Chant, the official version goes: “we are green and we are white. We are bloody dynamite” according to the Timbers Army Chant Sheet. That was a surprise to me (and any one else who goes to the games), because I always hear that f-bomb word, not bloody.

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